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CID announces 25 undergraduate travel recipients

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Harvard’s Center for International Development (CID) has announced that it has awarded 25 travel grants to University undergraduates this year. Eleven of these grants will support students undertaking WorldTeach Internships, while the remaining 14 will support students doing research in developing countries. The following students, including their concentrations, will travel to Costa Rica, Namibia, China, or Ecuador as WorldTeach interns. Henry Fienning ’07, music and psychology, and Matthew Roller ’08, economics, will travel to Costa Rica; Nimet Eren ’07, Near Eastern languages and civilizations, and Meike Schallert ’08, government, will conduct their internship in Ecuador; Carina Martin ’08, neurobiology, Rabia Mir ’07, social studies/Near Eastern languages and civilizations, Maria Nardell ’06, social studies, Natalia Rigol ’08, government/economics, and Currun Singh ’07, social studies/international health and development, will travel to Namibia; and Aimee Miller ’06, social anthropology/human rights, and Tom Wooten ’08, social studies/developing societies, will travel to South Africa.

The following students will pursue summer research in developing countries with CID support.

Neeraj Banerji ’06 (economics) will travel to India to study the distortion of firm behavior by rigid labor regulation.

Sarika Bansal ’06 (disease and public policy) will travel to Peru to study the interconnectedness of tuberculosis and the urban environment.

Lindsay Crouse ’06 (history) will travel to South Africa to research the history of the Dop system in Western Cape.

Mathieu Desruisseaux ’07 (government) will travel to Senegal to undertake an internship with the Rencontre Africaine de Defense des Droits de l’Homme (RADDHO) on women’s rights and conflict.

Mina Dimitrova ’06 (economics) will travel to Sri Lanka to measure the effects of armed conflicts on women’s social status.

Clifford Emmanuel ’06 (social studies) will travel to China to study the relationship between media and migrant labor in Beijing, focusing on dissent.

Alfinio Flores ’06 (social studies) will travel to Zambia to conduct field research for international development projects focusing on health and education.

Pedro Glaser ’06 (economics) will travel to Brazil to study the trends in and explanations for regional inequality.

Vaibhav Gujral ’07 (social studies) will travel to Argentina to examine the effects of the migration of the educated elite on higher-education institutions.

Mary Jirmanus ’06 (social studies) will travel to Ecuador to conduct research on agrarian organizations and the Andean Free Trade Agreement.

Aroonsiri Sangarlangkarn ’06 (economics) will travel to Thailand to explore the evolution of that nation’s health program and the effect on income distribution.

Virginia Schnure ’06 (social anthropology/African studies) will travel to Uganda to look at implementing that nation’s health system with severely limited means and the ethnography of Buhinga Hospital’s doctors and nurses.

Tazneen Shahabuddin ’06 (social studies) will travel to South Africa to investigate the potential of microfinance as a vehicle for providing social protection to street traders in Durban.

Michael Wu ’06 (economics/East Asian studies) will travel to China to conduct a cost-benefit analysis regarding international workplace standards certification and sustainability among China’s small/medium apparel companies.