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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) for the week ending March 14. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor.

March 8: A laptop carrying case, eyeglasses, and a personal digital assistant and its keyboard were reported stolen at the Malkin Athletic Center. A mailbox was reported stolen at Leverett House. A wallet was reported stolen at Blodgett Pool.

March 9: A backpack was reported stolen from the Belfer Center. At the Semitic Museum, an officer took a report of ongoing harassment by a known individual. An officer was dispatched to Peabody Terrace garage to take a report of a tire being slashed.

March 10: The theft of a security deposit for an apartment was reported at 20 Prescott St. Officers were dispatched on a report of an individual lying down in the middle of Memorial Drive. Officers located and checked the individual for warrants with positive results. Massachusetts State Police was notified and placed the person under arrest.

March 11: Two trespassing warnings were issued at Sever Hall.

March 13: A report was filed at HUPD headquarters regarding several past simple assaults. An officer filed a report and the investigation is ongoing.

March 14: A vending machine was reported broken into at Pound Hall. A wallet was reported stolen at the Taubman Center. Officers dispatched to take a report of an attempted theft of a laptop. The victim and friends of the victim confronted the individual and took back the laptop. The suspect then fled the building. Officers checked the area with negative results.

Since March 8, there have been two reports of suspicious or harassing mail, three harassing phone call reports, and four reports of threatening e-mail. Three laptops have been reported stolen.