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Detur Prize awarded to 84 sophomores

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Detur Book Prize winners of the Class of 2007 were honored at a Feb.7 reception in the Faculty Room in University Hall. One of the oldest prizes at Harvard College, the prize is intended to honor and congratulate sophomores on the high GPAs earned their first year at the College.

The prize consists of a book chosen by each recipient, usually selected at the Coop. This book should be for pleasure, not a textbook, and should be something that will have lasting meaning to the recipient. Books selected by the prize winners are embossed with the Harvard and Detur seals, and a bookplate is placed inside the cover. The books were presented to the students at last month’s reception.

This year’s winners

Andrew Bestwick, Joshua Billings, Thomas Clay, Edouard Coakley, Daniel Cohen, Rowan Dorin, Merve Emre, Jared Friedman, Leanne Gaffney, Daniel Gardiner, Nicholas Green, Alexandra Harwin, Taylor Hathaway-Zepeda, Daniel Hemel, Tin-Yun Ho, Steven Howard, Jennifer Hsieh, Jessica Hui, Julie Hunter, David Jackson-Hanen, Pichamol Jirapinyo, Hajin Kim, Justin Kim, Amy Klein, Julian Kolev, Daniel Krauthammer, Blake Kurisu, Celine LeBoeuf, Kristin Lee, Stephanie Lee, Valerie Lee, Alexander Levin, Douglas Lieb, Okechukwu Linton, Keith MacLeod, Shannon Maene, Justin McCarty, Patrick McKee, Jonathan Medley, Christine Mikolajuk, Wong Shi Ming, Hani Nakhoul, Matthew Naunheim, Robert Nelson, Tracy Nowski, Yung Hwei Ow, Andrew Paik, Yeunbee Park, Dmitri Pavlichin, Jose Payne-Johnson, Katherine Plotnick, Vivek Ramaswamy, Ravi Ramchandani, Igor Rapinchuk, Julia Rotow, Richard Ruiz, Hersh Sagreiya, Shayak Sarkar, Meghan Sherlock, Craig Sincock, Susan Skoda, Steven Strott, Alexander Subtelny, Eric Suh, Anushka Sunder, Amy Tao, Parvinder Thiara, Meghan Tieu, Matthew Tobey, Pablo Tsutsumi, Colin Twomey, Derek Vance, Hui Hua Wan, Russell Weinstein, Stephen Wertheim, Shane Wilson, Jennifer Wolahan, Rena Xu, Dongbo Yu, Sihai Zhao, Yang Yang Zhou, Ruo Zhu, Benjamin Zimmer, and Peter Zuckerman.