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Subramanian joins tenured faculty

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Dean Kagan calls corporate law expert ‘a rising star in his field’

Following a vote of the Harvard Law School (HLS) faculty, Guhan Subramanian has been promoted from assistant professor to professor of law – a tenured faculty position. A corporate law expert who specializes in deal making and corporate governance, Subramanian joined the HLS faculty in 2002 as the Joseph Flom Assistant Professor of Law and Business. Prior to this appointment, he spent three years on the faculty of Harvard Business School, where he taught courses on negotiations and business law.

Prior to joining the Law School in 2002, Subramanian taught courses on negotiations and business law at HBS. (Staff photo Rose Lincoln/Harvard News Office)

“Guhan Subramanian is truly a rising star in his field,” said Dean Elena Kagan. “He already is an accomplished scholar, and his students know how dedicated he is as a teacher. He also does a wonderful job bridging the gap between academia and the world of present-day practice.”

At HLS, Subramanian has taught the basic 2L course on corporate law and a negotiation workshop in the winter term. This year he will be teaching a new course titled “Deal Design and Implementation.” A graduate of the J.D./M.B.A. program, he has co-taught the J.D./M.B.A. seminar with Bemis Professor of International Law Detlev Vagts.

Subramanian recently wrote an article examining the negotiations that take place between controlling shareholders and minority shareholders in “freeze-out” transactions. The findings of his article, which is titled “Post-Siliconix Freeze-Outs: Theory, Evidence, and Policy,” have been covered in legal and business trade journals. He has also published articles examining the negotiations between targets and acquirers in the M&A marketplace, and on the nature of regulatory competition in the United States, among other topics.

“It is a great honor and privilege to be joining the tenured faculty at Harvard Law School,” said Subramanian. “I couldn’t ask for a better collection of colleagues and students to push me and challenge me in my research and teaching. It’s just a wonderful place to be.”

Subramanian earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard College in 1992. While a student at HLS, he served as notes chair of the Harvard Law Review and was a member of the winning Ames moot court team in 1998.

Born in Rajasthan, India, Subramanian is the first Asian-American member of the tenured faculty. He currently resides in Brookline with his wife, Helen Clement, and their son, Samuel James Subramanian.