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Office for the Arts announces spring grants recipients

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More than 1,800 students will participate in nearly 60 projects in dance, music, theater, and multidisciplinary genres at Harvard this spring, sponsored in part through funding from the Office for the Arts (OFA). Selected by the Council on the Arts at Harvard, the projects include visual art and multimedia pieces, theater productions, concerts, and dance performances, among others.

The council, a committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, funded 80 percent of the grant requests. Council members at the time of selection include Robert J. Kiely (chair), Elizabeth Bergmann, S. Allen Counter, Deborah Foster, Jorie Graham, Annette Lemieux, Cathleen McCormick, Jack Megan, Robert J. Orchard, Stephen Prina, Marcus Stern, Kay Kaufman Shelemay, and John Stewart.

OFA grants are awarded to undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff. Funded projects combine artistic merit, artistic experimentation, and educational benefit to undergraduates.

The OFA, which administers the grants, offers the awards for projects taking place during fall and spring semester as well as Arts First, Harvard’s annual celebration of the arts. For further information, visit

The spring 2005 grants for dance

Twenty-second annual CityStep show, Alexandra Stanek ’07: Esther Kahn Grant for a performance by students and company members that enriches the educational experiences of local fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-graders through a creative in-school and after-school curriculum.

Crimson Dance Team in Concert, Monika Laszkowska ’07: Esther Kahn Grant for a performance featuring different dance styles and gymnastics.

Expressions Dance Company spring show, Shana Cloud ’06: Esther Kahn Grant for a performance of student-choreographed pieces.

Harvard Ballet Company spring performance, Laurie Schnidman ’05: Esther Kahn Grant for a dance concert featuring a mixed repertoire of professional and student choreography.

Harvard-Radcliffe Dance Company spring concert of modern dance, Sonia Todorova ’07: Esther Kahn Grant for a performance in the Adams House Pool Theater featuring dances accompanied by live music and video.

“Leather, Metal, and Screws,” TAPS spring show, Leanna Boychenko ’06: Esther Kahn Grant for a performance by Harvard’s tap dance company.

“Mainly Amour,” Mainly Jazz Dance Company, Chrissy Fitzgerald ’07: Esther Kahn Grant for a performance featuring themes of love and relationships.

South Asian Dance Company concert, Monica Soni ’06: Esther Kahn Grant for multiple performances.

Harvard Ballroom spring recital, Danielle Buckley ’06: Esther Kahn Grant for a showcase of original student choreography.

Harvard Ballroom Dance Company winter recital, Danielle Buckley ’06: Esther Kahn Grant for a recital.

The spring 2005 grants for literature

“Diversity & Distinction,” Jeong Oh ’04-05: OFA Grant for a publication dedicated to various social issues.

Harvard Book Review spring issue, Nicole Cliffe ’05: OFA Grant for publication of two spring issues featuring undergraduate-written reviews of recently published books.

SWIFT Magazine, Ann Kurrasch ’07: OFA Grant for winter/spring printing and distribution.

Yisei Magazine, Nancy Kang ’06: OFA Grant for publication featuring fiction and essays by Korean and other Asian students.

The Gamut, Kevin Holden ’05: OFA Grant for annual poetry publication.

Present! Magazine, Tim Hwang ’08: OFA Grant for second issue featuring undergraduate writing and art.

The spring 2005 grants for multidisciplinary arts

“A True Residential House: A Multimedia Investigation of Currier House,” Jonathan Bardin ’07: OFA Grant for an exploration of community living as seen through Currier House’s architectural design.

“American Gothic: Visual of the Suburban Home in Literature,” Annie Lowrey ’06: Richard Solomon Grant for an exhibition addressing the subversive nature of the suburban home in contemporary literature.

Black Arts Festival, Kuumba Singers, Jamilah Ryan ’05: Esther Kahn Grant for a weekend-long celebration of the African diaspora artistic tradition.

“Exercise in Transparent Vulnerability No. 3,” David Mahfouda ’05: Richard Solomon Grant for outdoor sculpture made of laminated composite and ice walls.

“Found Art Notebooks and Earth Art Calendars,” Harvard Resource Efficiency Program and Harvard Computer Energy Reduction Program, Lindsay Crouse ’06: OFA Grant for a project promoting the connection between re-use and artistic creativity.

Green art show, Environmental Action Committee, Sustainable Allston, Resource Efficiency Program, the Harvard Environmental Action Committee, and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Tatianna Bartch ’06: OFA Grant for an event celebrating the connection among the arts, human ecology, environmental issues, and sustainability.

“Ivory Tower,” Harvard-Radcliffe Television, Lauren Berk ’06: Norman Lear Grant for production of spring semester episodes of the undergraduate drama.

The spring 2005 grants for music

35th annual Archie Epps spring concert, Kuumba Singers, Maria Nardell ’06: H. Todd Cobey Grant for a concert celebrating and sharing the rich creativity and spirituality of black cultures.

Harvard Pops Orchestra spring concerts, Perry Tsai ’07: Esther Kahn Grant.

Brattle Street Chamber Players spring concert, Brendan Gillis ’06: OFA Grant.

“Candide,” Dunster House Opera Society, Joshua Billings ’07: H. Todd Cobey Grant for undergraduate production of Leonard Bernstein’s musical.

“Don Giovanni,” Lowell House Opera Society, James Salzmann ’02: Felicia Eckstein-Lipson Grant for a March production of Mozart’s opera.

“Downtown Crossing,” Harvard Wind Ensemble, Anthony Delaney ’07: OFA Grant for a concert featuring the work of composer Elliott Schwartz.

“First Night: Three Performance Premieres,” Harvard-Radcliffe Contemporary Music Ensemble, Emily Zazulia ’06: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for April staging of student-composed operas.

Freshman Concerto Competition Concert, Harvard-Radcliffe Mozart Society Orchestra, Allicia Lam ’05: OFA Grant for a concert featuring the winner of the freshman concerto competition.

Harvard University Saxophone Quartet community performances, Laura Manion ’05: OFA Grant.

Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra children’s concert, Johann Cutiongco ’06: OFA Grant for a performance for students of the Cambridge Public Schools.

Maurice Durufle’s “Requiem,” Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus, Gabriel Loperena ’06: OFA Grant.

Harvard Organ Society lunchtime recital series, Chiduzie Madubata ’06: OFA Grant for weekly series.

Radcliffe Choral Society spring concert, Rosalie Thede ’06: OFA Grant.

Bach Society Orchestra spring concerts I and II, Matthew Smith ’07: OFA Grant for spring performances featuring Debussy’s “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun,” John Harbison’s “The Most Often Used Chords,” and Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 4.”

Harvard Wind Ensemble Beanpot concert, Anthony Delaney ’07: OFA Grant for annual concert featuring ensembles from Harvard, Boston College, and Northeastern University.

Harvard Early Music Society concert spirituel, Michael Givey ’06: OFA Grant for a concert based on 18th-century French concert programming.

The spring 2005 grants for theater

“ABU GHRAIB: Multimedia Reflections on Prison Abuse in Iraq,” Currun Singh ’07: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for a production of a student-written multimedia piece.

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” Harvard STAGE, Rebecca Rubins ’05: H. Todd Cobey Grant for a production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical comedy.

“Eight Garden Street: The Freshman Musical,” David Jewett ’08: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for annual freshman production.

Immediate Gratification Players’ (IGP) seventh annual Laugh Riot Improv Comedy Festival, Andrew McGee ’05: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for IGP’s annual improv festival featuring troupes from Harvard and other colleges.

“Memory, the Musical,” IGP show: Andrew McGee ’05: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for an improvised musical.

“Intersection,” Women in Color (WINC),” Erin Garner ’07: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for WINC’s annual spring show exploring topics of race, class, culture, sexuality, and gender.

“Moonlight Becomes You: A Vaudeville Entertainment,” Aoife Spillane-Hinks ’06: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for a spring production in the Adams House Kronauer Space.

“Raisins Not Virgins,” South Asian Association: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for a production of Sharbari Ahmed’s play.

Harvard Story-Time Players spring show, Manisha Munshi ’06: H. Todd Cobey Grant for performances by undergraduate group that brings interactive theater to Boston-area children’s hospitals.

“The Meeting,” BlackC.A.S.T, Nenna Nwazota ’06: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for a production featuring the characters of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

“Weapons of Mass Seduction,” Kiernan Schmitt ’06: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for a new student-written musical.

The spring 2005 grants for traditional cultural arts

“Caribbean Splash,” Harvard Caribbean Club, Erica Aghedo ’06: OFA Grant for an event celebrating Caribbean culture.

Han Ma-Eum Korean Drum Troupe annual concert, Seung-Kyu Kong ’06: OFA Grant for traditional Korean drumming performance.

“Ghungroo,” South Asian Association, Vasu Reddy ’06: H. Todd Cobey Grant for annual performance celebrating South Asian culture.

Korean culture show, Harvard Korean Association, Edna Choi ’07: Richard Solomon Grant for annual performance celebrating Korean culture.

The spring 2005 grants for visual arts

Aina Arts Presents to Harvard, Amar C. Bakshi ’06: Richard Solomon Grant for series of photography shows, documentary clips, discussion groups, and lectures.

The Inflatable Museum, Han Yu ’06: Richard Solomon Grant for the creation of a gallery structure in which exhibits will include tactile, inflatable art pieces.

“Passage, Diversity & Distinction,” Jeong Oh ’06: Richard Solomon Grant for photography exhibition exploring multiculturalism, ethnicity, religion, gender, and other social issues.

South Asian Association film festival, Manisha Munshi ’06: Norman Lear Grant for festival celebrating a range of South Asian film genres.