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Holiday stylin’

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After a holiday shopping spree with her mom, freshman Abby Cushing brings a Norfolk Pine back to her dorm in the Yard. (Staff photo Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office)
Dickens redux: In a scene that looks like it could have come from 'A Christmas Carol,' Richard Masters '49, M.D. '53, Ph.D. '64, plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata at the Faculty Club. (Staff photo Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office)
A well-fed frog oversees the window display at the Holyoke Center flower shop Petali. (Staff photo Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office)
But where's the mistletoe?: Maria Stavropoulos '05 reads under some diverse holiday decorations at Gato Rojo Cafe in Dudley Hall. (Staff photo Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office)
holiday t-shirt
No two snowflakes are exactly alike and no two pieces of Harvard apparel are entirely different. (Staff photo Jon Chase/Harvard News Office)
The frightening guards at the entry to the GSD (right) are a bit less intimidating when they don their yuletide antlers. (Staff photo Rose Lincoln/Harvard News Office)