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Community Gifts celebrates the giving season

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‘Tis just weeks before Christmas and all thru the office
Community Gifts is filling the coffers
Of worthy nonprofits, some small and some large.
To help out our neighbors, that is our charge.

We give to the homeless, the helpless, the sick,
Those down on their luck who could use a hand, quick.
We give to the veterans and to girls and boys
Who lack good food and health care and books, games, and toys.

With payroll deduction, the process is painless.
The pride in the giving is, quite frankly, shameless.
We fill out our pledge cards, or brand new this year,
We donate online – the future is here!

The good staffers at Harvard, we gave and we gave
One million’s the figure campaign bosses crave.
And if you forgot, please do not despair:
Hurry! Make that donation to show that you care.

– Beth Potier

For more information on the Community Gifts Through Harvard campaign, visit