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Faculty Council meeting on Oct. 27

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At its third meeting of the year, the Faculty Council discussed with General Counsel Robert Iuliano, University attorney Ellen Berkman, and Professor John Huchra (astronomy and chair of the Standing Committee on Research Policy) the relevance of national export control policy to university research. The council also considered revisions to the procedures for Memorial Minutes, faculty member death notices, and the format of FAS Faculty Meetings. Finally, Dean Benedict Gross (mathematics and Harvard College) led a discussion of the Report of the Committee to Address Alcohol and Health at Harvard. Professor Joseph Badaracco (Harvard Business School and Currier House), chair of the committee, was also present for this discussion.

The council will next meet on Nov. 10. The preliminary docket deadline for the Nov. 16 Faculty Meeting is Monday (Nov. 1) at 9:30 a.m.