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IOP announces fall fellows

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The Kennedy School of Government’s Institute of Politics (IOP) recently announced its selection of a diverse and experienced group of individuals for resident fellowships this fall. The fellows will join the IOP beginning in mid-September, and will lead weekly, not-for-credit study groups on a range of political topics. Fellows interact with students, participate in the intellectual life of the community, and pursue individual studies or projects.

“The Institute of Politics is pleased to host this amazingly diverse group of practitioners, whose experience and enthusiasm for public service will greatly benefit our students and the community,” said Dan Glickman, director of the IOP.

The resident fellows for fall 2004 are as follows:

  • Jeff Amestoy, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Vermont
  • Barbara Bodine, former U.S. ambassador to Yemen and former U.S. coordinator for Baghdad
  • Ben Bradlee, vice president at large, The Washington Post (Heffernan Fellow)
  • John Bridgeland, former assistant to President Bush and director of USA Freedom Corps
  • Vicki Divoll, former assistant general counsel to the Central Intelligence Agency and former general counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
  • Kathleen Matthews, news anchor/television journalist, WJLA-TV, Washington, D.C.
  • Joe Trippi, former campaign manager of Dean for AmericaFellows who will spend a portion of the fall semester at the institute are as follows:
  • Susan Blumenthal, U.S. assistant surgeon general and former deputy assistant secretary for women’s health (dates to be determined)
  • Angus King, governor of Maine, 1995-2003 (November 2004)
  • Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, lieutenant governor of Maryland, 1995-2003 (October 2004).