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Phi Beta Kappa elects 92 seniors to Harvard chapter

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The following 92 seniors were recently elected to the Harvard College chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. These students were formally inducted in a private ceremony before the Literary Exercises on June 8, joining 48 other seniors elected in November, and 24 juniors elected in the spring of 2004.

Ethan Benjamin Abraham, math, Eliot; Pankaj Kumar Agarwalla, classics, Dunster; Peter Lorenzo Anderegg, math, Cabot; Russell Maxwell Anello, government, Kirkland; Anthony Arnold, social studies, Currier; Jennifer Sue Axsom, government, Winthrop; Frederick Kaj Olof Bengtsson, English, Mather; David King Breslow, biochemical sciences, Leverett; Nicholas Jonathan Britell, psychology, Quincy; Abigail Sara Burger, history, Dunster; Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg, history and literature, Leverett; Sarah Noble Calkins, social studies, Kirkland; David Brian Canose, psychology, Eliot; Emily Sarah Caplan, history of art and architecture, Leverett; Julian Orlando Simon Carlo, anthropology, Winthrop; Yu Ping Chan, government, Leverett; Kurt Lee Chauviere, history, Kirkland; Jennifer May-Anne Chen, psychology, Dunster; Raphael Saadya Cohen, government, Eliot; Nicole Creanza, biology, Quincy; Helen Anne Curry, history of science, Adams; Rishikesh Pradip Dalal, biochemical sciences, Quincy; Gregory Aron Elinson, social studies, Eliot; Brian Joseph Emeott, government, Dunster; Peter Fisher Epstein, philosophy, Cabot; Julia Haas Fawcett, English, Dunster; Scott Jacob Forman, social studies, Pforzheimer; Dov Fox, government, Eliot; Caitlin Hannon Frame, biology, Pforzheimer; Elizabeth Gail Frieze, history and literature, Kirkland; Jayce Robert Getz, math, Cabot; Leah Pearce Gogel, anthropology, Leverett; Brian David Goldstein, visual and environmental studies, Currier; Jeffrey Adam Grossman, music, Quincy; Derek Adam Haas, economics, Mather; Lisa Michelle Harris, social studies, Cabot; Gary Ping-Hao Ho, biochemical sciences, Kirkland; Justin Kai-Jen Ho, economics, Winthrop; Daniel Sang-Hoon Hong, history of science, Kirkland; Peter Lawrence Hopkins, government, Quincy; Meghan Claire Howard, Sanskrit, Quincy; Susan Jen Huang, biochemical sciences, Cabot; John Andrew Hulsey, English, Dudley; Sarah Anne Hyman, linguistics, Eliot; Ashley Eva Isaacson, Romance languages, Quincy; Julia Jarcho, literature, Mather; Alexander Calen Aberlin Kaufman, economics, Dudley; Sumi Anne Kim, social studies, Adams; Nilsson Ryne Kocher, applied math, Dunster; Jason James Kohout, government, Quincy; Karawan Nancy Kouki, Romance languages and literature, Quincy; Christopher Arthur Lamie, Earth and planetary science, Adams; George Lee, social studies, Cabot; Jonathan Michael Levy, economics, Dunster; Samuel Harris Lipoff, history of science, Cabot; Yuen-Jong Liu, computer science, Cabot; Jane Alexis Lowe, history of science, Leverett; Katharine Joy Mach, biology, Winthrop; Darya Borisovna Nachinkina, government, Quincy; Venu Aarre Nadella, sociology, Adams; Kate Dillon Nesin, history of art and architecture, Pforzheimer; Emily Louise Nielson, social studies, Leverett; Jason Seijoon Oh, physics, Winthrop; Ariana Isabel Ornelas, psychology, Kirkland; Suzanne Joy Podhurst, special concentrations, Winthrop; Zachary Samuel Podolsky, Classics Latin, Currier; Gail Michelle Pokorney, English, Mather; Bonnie Ming Yim Poon, psychology, Leverett; Pavel Yuri Raifeld, economics, Pforzheimer; Marques Jerard Redd, social studies, Lowell; Sarah Diane Ronis, anthropology, Currier; Gabriel Darren Rosenberg, economics, Leverett; Jason Bassi Rubenstein, social studies, Adams; Madiha Yusuf Sattar, history and literature, Kirkland; Grant Robert Schoenebeck, math, Currier; Raphael Sebastian Schoenle, economics, Lowell; Colette Joan Shen, engineering sciences, Kirkland; Lauren Elizabeth Sirois, chemistry, Dunster; Christopher William Snyder, social studies, Leverett; Joshua Sidney Stenberg, East Asian studies, Lowell; Nicholas Stephanopoulos, chemistry, Lowell; Zachary Brandon Stone, physics, Quincy; Christine Alexis Telyan, social studies, Eliot; Chia-Jung Tsay, psychology, Currier; Previn Warren, social studies, Dunster; Katharine Sarah Widland, special concentrations, Lowell; Adam Joseph Wienner, government, Eliot; Abigail Marie Wild, history of science, Pforzheimer; Alice Olivia Wong, anthropology, Leverett; Brian James Wong, physics, Lowell; Erik Randall Zimmerman, astronomy, Cabot; and Evan James Zucker, economics, Winthrop.