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Music announces fellowships, awards

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The Department of Music recently announced that $144,000 has gone toward fellowship and award programs for graduate and undergraduate students.

The recipients of this year’s Oscar S. Schafer Award, given to graduate students who have “demonstrated unusual ability and enthusiasm in their teaching of introductory courses, which are designed to lead students to a growing and lifelong love of music,” are Mary Greitzer, Christina Linklater, and Bettina Varwig. Linklater and Varwig also received Richard F. French Prize Fellowships for research in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and to conduct Schuetz research in Germany, respectively.

Other Richard F. French Prize Fellowship recipients include graduate students Emily Abrams for research and language study in Washington, D.C., and at the Goethe Institute in Berlin; William Bares for enrollment in a NEC summer course; Aaron Berkowitz to study Hindi and sitar in Cambridge and piano in New York City; David Black for research in Vienna; Brigid Cohen to conduct research in Basel and in the United States; Ellen Exner for German language study at the Goethe Institute, Berlin, and for research in Leipzig; Aaron Girard to conduct a U.S. research tour; Robert Hasegawa to pursue research in Switzerland; Christopher Honett to attend the Acanthes Festival; Jose-Luis Hurtado for travel to a music festival and lecture in Mexico; David Kaminsky to support field research in Sweden; Natalie Kirschstein for research in Uruguay; Zoe Lang to support research in Vienna, and a course at Central European University in Budapest; Lei Liang to take a summer course at Darmstadt, Germany; Scott Metcalfe for research in Mexico; Kiri Miller for a U.S. research tour; Alexandra Monchick for German language study at the Goethe Institute; Sarah Morelli for travel and research in India; Karola Obermueller for travel and performance in Germany, Acanthes, and Austria; Matthew Peattie to attend conferences and do research in Scotland, France, and Italy. Lara Pellegrinelli for research and workshop expenses in New York City. Julia Randel for research in New York City; Adam Roberts to support summer composition courses in France; Jesse Rodin to attend a conference and do research in Scotland and France; Dominique Schaefer to attend the Acanthes Festival of computer music (Schaefer also received the George Arthur Knight Prize for his composition “Fluchtpunkte”); Eliyahu Shoot for research in Switzerland and Israel; Benjamin Steege to support research in Basel and Berlin; Nicholas Vines to support dissertation research in Australia; Jonathan Wild for dissertation work; Tolga Yayalar to attend a festival and performances in Buffalo, N.Y.; and Du Yun for travel to Montreal, Michigan, Chicago, and for premieres and performances of her work.

Nino and Lea Pirrotta Awards were conferred on graduate students Richard Giarusso and Jonathan Kregor. Giarusso will conduct research at the British Library sound archive, and Kregor will conduct research on Liszt in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

The following graduate students received Ferdinand Gordon & Elizabeth Hunter Morrill Graduate Fellowships for study in Italy: Aaron Allen and Justin Linam will pursue language study and research; Michael Cuthbert will attend a conference; and Evan McCarthy will conduct research.

University Composition Prizes were given to Carson Cooman ’04 and graduate students Ken Ueno, Dominique Schafer, Jose-Luis Hurtado, Nicholas Vines, and Robert Hasegawa. Cooman received the Hugh F. MacColl Prize for his composition “Desiring the Solitude of Rain”; Ueno received the John Green Fellowship (established by friends and family of the late John Green ’28 in support of excellence in musical composition), which is given annually and alternately to an undergraduate and graduate student composer; Schafer was awarded the George Arthur Knight Prize for his work “Fluchtpunkte”; Hurtado received the Adelbert Sprague Prize for his composition “Seis”; Vines received the Francis Boott Prize for his composition “Everett Magnificat”; and Hasegawa received a Bohemians Prize for “Ajax Is All About Attack.”

John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowships for Undergraduates were given to Anthony Cheung ’04 to attend the Acanthes composition workshop; Katherine Dain ’04 for voice study at Guildhall School in London; Adrien Finlay ’04 for research in Paris and Cambridge; Moira Hill ’04 for organ study at Trossingen, Germany; LeMinh Ho ’04 for a Lisztian European tour; John McMunn ’04 for travel and living expenses at King’s College, England; and Alexander Ness ’04 for travel to India through the University of Wisconsin.

Recipients of GSAS Fellowships are David Kaminsky and Ken Ueno (Graduate Society Fellowship); Jesse Rodin (Term Time Fellowship); Eliyahu Shoot (Merit Fellowship); Justin Linam (Pre-Dissertation Research); and Aaron Berkowitz and Davide Ceriani (Summer School Tuition Waivers).

In addition, music graduate students David Black, Brigid Cohen, and Ben Steege received Krupp Fellowships from the Center for European Studies, and Michael Cuthbert received the Lily Auchincloss Pre-Doctoral Rome Prize Fellowship in Medieval Studies for a yearlong residential fellowship to study Trecento music fragments at the American Academy in Rome. Cuthbert was one of 27 winners of the 108th annual competition.