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Interns focus on the public interest

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Public Interest Careers at Harvard promotes and supports College undergraduates whose career goals are focused on the public interest.

Through internships, fellowships, forums, workshops, and coordinating alumni and campus resources, the center aims to become a model for supporting the development of a new generation of graduates working for the public interest.

The center’s 2004-05 summer interns, including the host organization and city, are as follows.

In Boston: David Blazar ’06, Facing History and Ourselves; Lindsay Frost ’05, Melanie Green ’04, and Rebecca Lambert ’05, Emergency Medicine Network; Sarah Milov ’07, AFC Mentoring; and Sarah O’Shea ’04, YouthCare.

In Chicago: Maria May ’06, Juvenile Protective Association; Robert Varady ’06, Center for Labor and Community Research; and Wordna Warren ’05, National Interfaith Committe for Worker Justice.

In New York City: Urmi Desai ’05, New York Academy of Medicine; Kyle Frisina ’06 and Erika Hammond ’05, New York City Department of Education; and Janet Yueh ’04, Agenda for Children Tomorrow.

In San Francisco: María Rangel Alarcón ’04 and Juliana Chow ’04, b.a.y. fund.

In Washington, D.C., and Baltimore: Daniel Beebe ’04, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids; and Yi-An Huang ’05 and Michelle Wilson ’04, Baltimore City Health Department.

The center’s 2004-05 yearlong fellows, including the host organization and city, are as follows.

In Boston: Sarah Kunz ’04 and Ilana Richman ’04, Emergency Medicine Network; and Eunice Yi ’04, Angiogenesis Foundation.

In New York City: Kate Boardman ’04, Nathalie Miller ’04, Elizabeth Niemiec ’04, and Alyssa Saunders ’04, N.Y. County District Attorney’s Office; Nikki Conti ’04, Telesis Corp.; Susan Grossman ’04, The Enterprise Foundation; Laura Perry ’04 and Gail Pokorney ’04, Medicare Rights Center; Jessica Son ’04, Leake & Watts; Lisa Vura-Weis ’04, N.Y. Attorney General’s Office; and Sarah Levit-Shore ’04, Urban Education Exchange.

In San Francisco: Daniel Chen ’04, David Gellis ’04, and Christina Minami ’04, Breast Care Cancer at the University of California.

In Washington, D.C., and Baltimore: Sarah Burg ’04, American Constitution Society.