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The quotable stem cell

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Quotes from Harvard’s president, provost and deans


“Stem cell therapies have the potential to do for chronic diseases what Martinantibiotics did for infectious diseases. It is going to take years of serious research to get there, but as a neurologist, I believe the prospect of a “penicillin” for Parkinson’s is a potential breakthrough that we must pursue. As in other areas of creative endeavor in science, the answers will come only with careful experimentation.”

– Joseph Martin, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Summers “The Harvard Stem Cell Institute is an important effort to help unlock one of the fundamental mysteries of life, and could lead to important new medical treatments.”

– Lawrence H. Summers, President of Harvard University

“The research effort represented by the Harvard Stem Cell Institute is wonderful Hymanand important science that takes the notion of cross-faculty and interdisciplinary work to a significant level at Harvard.”

– Steven E. Hyman, Provost, Professor of neurobiology

“I am gratified that Harvard can participate in the advancement of stem cell research, which represents a biomedical frontier of exceptional excitement and promise. Harvard”s collaborative efforts can and will contribute significantly Kirby to global research in this area. I am pleased to offer the Harvard Stem Cell Institute the full support of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and look forward to working with the president, provost, and the other faculties at Harvard to advance the institute’s work.”

– William C. Kirby, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Stem cell videos:

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