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Faculty Council notice for April 14

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At its 11th meeting of the year (April 14) the Faculty Council discussed with Dean of the College Benedict Gross (mathematics) and Professor Jennifer Leaning (faculty of public health) the implementation of the recommendations made last year by the Committee to Address Sexual Assault at Harvard (the Leaning Committee). Dean Julia Fox (Harvard College) and Susan Marine (director of the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response) were present for this conversation.

The council also heard a report from Kevin Casey (senior director of federal and state relations) on the present immigration and visa situation. Present for this discussion were Robert Iuliano (vice president and general counsel), Sharon Ladd (director of the Harvard International Office), and Professor Paul Martin (Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences and dean for research and information technology).

At this meeting, Gross also presented the proposed changes in the undergraduate Student Handbook for 2004-05.

The next Faculty Meeting will be on April 20. The council will next meet on April 28.