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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department for the week ending March 6. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor.

Feb. 29: Officers assisted the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) on Concord Avenue with a report of a past robbery. An officer observed two individuals acting suspiciously at 65 Mt. Auburn St. After a field interview was conducted and both individuals were checked for warrants with negative results, the officers arrested one of the individuals for drug law violations and possession of a dangerous weapon.

March 1: At 1 Brattle Square, officers assisted CPD in the apprehension of a suspect wanted for assault and battery. The suspect was taken into custody by CPD. Vandalism to a wooden planter was reported at the Kennedy School. Harassing calls were received at 155 North Harvard St. A desktop computer was reported stolen at Areeda Hall. Officers were dispatched to Gund Hall on a report of larceny. A check of the area proved negative and a report of stolen cash was filed. Jewelry was reported stolen at Leverett House. A backpack was reported stolen at Annenburg Hall.

March 2: A credit card and personal items were reported stolen at Gund Hall. A cell phone was reported stolen at 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur.

March 3: A pocketbook was reported stolen at William James Hall. A cell phone was reported stolen at the Science Center.

March 4: Harassing calls were reported at the Holyoke Center. Personal items were reported stolen at the Vanserg Building. A bicycle was reported stolen at Matthews Hall.

March 5: A CD player and miscellaneous café items were reported stolen at 635 Huntington Ave. Harassment via e-mail was reported at the Museum of Comparative Zoology.

March 6: A report of burglary was filed at a construction site at the Center for Government and International Studies. Officers were dispatched on a report of two suspicious individuals observed in North Hall. Officers stopped and identified the individuals. Criminal complaints may be sought. A report of the fraudulent use of bank account information was filed at WHRB.

Since Feb. 29, two digital cameras, five laptops, and two projectors have been reported stolen.