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Foundation creates human rights fellowship

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The Third Millennium Foundation has recently launched the Human Rights Practice Fellowships. In both 2004 and 2005, the foundation will award up to six fellowships to outstanding graduating Harvard students contemplating a career in human rights. These fellowships are designed to enable students (from the College or any one of Harvard’s 10 graduate schools) to bring human rights theory and practice together, to make a valuable contribution to human rights, to gain important firsthand experience abroad in the human rights field, and to interact with a network of individuals sharing their commitment to and involvement in human rights work.

The fellowships are designed for students who have demonstrated a commitment to human rights, community service, and social justice. Applicants should demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental tenets of human rights through either course work on the subject or equivalent experience. The program seeks a diverse group of individuals from different disciplines, countries, and backgrounds.

Each fellow will organize a placement with a human rights group for a period of one year. Placements may be made in many kinds of organizations, including nongovernmental organizations, and international and governmental organizations. Funding will not be available for work in for-profit organizations. Placements must be approved as part of the application process.

During the fellowship year, fellows will receive a $24,000 stipend, plus medical insurance and travel expenses up to a maximum of $30,000.

The application deadline is March 18. Visit for more information.