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This month in Harvard history

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  • November 1942 – A Harvard Alumni Association advertisement for the well-known Harvard chair (black with gold trim and mahogany-colored arms; weight: 28 pounds; advertised price: $13.50) yields the following historical details: “Many Harvard men know well this famous ‘Freshman’ chair which can be traced far back into the history of the college . . . the prototype of this comfortable ‘Freshman’ chair was found over 100 years ago in old University Hall then called ‘College Commons.’ ” (Quoted from “Harvard Alumni Bulletin,” Nov. 7, 1942) 
  • Nov. 6, 1944 – Seven women journalists from South America visit Harvard on a Good-Neighbor tour of U.S. cities, sponsored by the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. After arriving at Massachusetts Hall, the group has lunch at the Faculty Club with members of the faculty and the Massachusetts Pan American Society. The visitors also take in Widener, Houghton, and the Fogg, where Agnes Mongan, Keeper of Drawings, hosts a late-afternoon tea.– From the Harvard Historical Calendar, a database compiled by Marvin Hightower