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J. Woodland
J. Woodland Hastings

Hastings elected to NAS

In recognition of his distinguished career and continuing achievements in original research, J. Woodland Hastings, Paul C. Mangelsdorf Professor of Natural Sciences, was one of 72 new members recently elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Hastings is known for his research on bioluminescence in many different organisms, ranging from bacteria and dinoflagellates to fireflies and fish.

Jouvet wins sleep prize

Michel Jouvet, professor emeritus from the University of Lyon and “intrepid explorer of sleep and dreams,” will be awarded the 2003 Peter C. Farrell Prize in Sleep Medicine in recognition of his lifetime of scientific contributions to the field of sleep medicine. Jouvet is credited as the discoverer of the state of paradoxical sleep (REM sleep) in animals, so named by him since it paradoxically joins profoundly deep sleep and muscle atonia with cortical electrical brain activation similar to that of the waking state.

In recognition of this award, and as an inspiration to the scientists of tomorrow, a plaque will be placed in the ground floor hallway of the Goldenson Building, just beyond the Courtyard Cafe. The plaque will describe the mission and history of the Division of Sleep Medicine, and recognize the Farrell Award recipient each year.

Michel Jouvet 

Slavic Languages and Literatures names winners

The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures presented several prizes at its recent spring reception. Among the recipients were graduate student Ian Chesley and Michelle Y. Kuo, who were both selected to receive V.M. Setchkarev Memorial Prizes for their essays on Russian literature. A prize of $300 each went to Chesley for his essay “Writing Fire with Fire: Pyrotechnics in 18th century Russia” and to Kuo for her essay “The Aural Impulse: Eisenstein, Vertov, and Cinematic Sound.”

Chesley, along with fellow graduate students Jacob Emery and Giovanna Siedina, received a Stephen Lessing Baehr Book Award, which comes with a $250 gift certificate to Harvard Bookstore, for successfully passing their major general examinations this year.

Delia Robin Pendleton ’03 was selected to receive the Russian Literature and Culture Award for a superior senior thesis in this track. The award includes a $150 gift certificate to Harvard Bookstore.

– Compiled by Andrew Brooks