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Music fellowships, awards sing a happy tune

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Graduate student awards

The Department’s Oscar S. Schafer Award is given to students “who have demonstrated unusual ability and enthusiasm in their teaching of introductory courses, which are designed to lead students to a growing and life-long love of music.” This year’s recipients were Jonathan Wild, Matthew Peattie, and Julia Randel.

Recipients of GSAS Fellowships are Sarah Morelli (Completion), Julia Randel (Whiting), Kiri Miller (Merit Fellowship), Peter Gilbert and Robert Hasegawa (Graduate Society Summer Fellowships), and Christina Linklater (Harvard Summer School Tuition Waiver).

Recipients of the Nino and Lea Pirrotta Graduate Research Fellowship are Brigid Cohen to conduct research at the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin; Bettina Varwig for travel to Italy to attend a two-week intensive Italian course at the Scuola Leonardo in Rome, and to travel to Germany to visit archives in Kassel and Dresden to conduct preliminary dissertation research on Heinrich Schütz; Joshua Yaphe to research the musical life of the Court of Savoy in the 15th century using archives in Turin, Italy, and Chambéry, France, among others.

Jonathan Wild received a Harry and Marjorie Anne Slim Memorial Scholarship to support dissertation research and to travel to Paris to meet with MaMuX, a research group at Intitut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM).

Recipients of the John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship are Aaron Allen for library research in Italy and intensive Italian language study; Derrick Ashong to study Brazilian Capoeira and cultural trends in Brazilian hip-hop in Salvador, Brazil; William Bares to study French at the Alliance Francaise in New York City, and to conduct interviews with jazz musicians and at Blue Note Records; Peter Gilbert to support creation of a new electroacoustic piece at the Institut International de Musique studios in Bourges, France, and to attend the Festival Synthese 2003; Aaron Girard to attend the Schenker-Traditionen conference in Vienna; Mary Greitzer to attend a Schenker symposium in Vienna; Robert Hasegawa to visit the Paul Sacher Stiftung in Basel to examine its collection of sketch material by Brian Ferneyhough;

David Kaminsky to travel to Sweden and attend a weeklong summer folk music and dance course in Malung, the series of one-day “Musik vid Siljan” folk music festivals, and the traditional midsummer celebrations hosted by master fiddler Hans Kennemark in Sandhem; Lei Liang to travel to the Research Institute of Music in Beijing to study the tablature notation of the ancient Chinese zither, guqin; Christina Linklater to travel to Krakow, Poland, and Zagreb, Croatia, to study manuscripts related to her dissertation project, and to attend the International Association for Word and Music Studies at the Free University in Berlin; Kiri Miller to complete the bulk of her dissertation fieldwork at Sacred Harp singing conventions around the United States;

Sarah Morelli to travel to India to complete dissertation research on the development of Chitresh Das’ style of Kathak dance; Matthew Peattie for travel to Montecassino to undertake a study of a liturgical manuscript, and to Benevento to visit the Biblioteca capitolare; Lara Pellegrinelli for three research trips to complete earlier fieldwork: to the Smithsonian Institute to study the jazz oral history project, to the Hamilton College Jazz Archive, and to meet Jon Hendricks, “Professor of Vocalese” at the University of Toledo; Julia Randel to complete dissertation research in the New York Public Library Dance Collection and the archives of the New York City Ballet; to attend live performances of Stravinsky-Balanchine works; and to take part in a Balanchine symposium in Ann Arbor; Jesse Rodin to work at the Vatican library with a Cappella Sistina choirbook and to study Italian language at the Est-Ovest language institute in Rome;

Matthias Roeder to pursue research in Florence on a 15th century chanson manuscript and to work with Peter Wollny and Ulrich Leisinger at the Bach-Archiv in Leipzig on his project, the Scribal Database; Petra Safarova to carry out preliminary research on Romany music in Eastern Europe by attending the International School for the Human Voice in Moravia and the Amala Summer School in Serbia; Dominique Schafer to attend Acanthes 2003, a contemporary musical creation workshop in France, and to take a composition course at Stockhausen Courses in Germany; Eliyahu Shoot to study German at the Goethe Institute in Berlin; Benjamin Steege to examine unpublished letters, documents, and autographed manuscripts in the Helmholtz Nachlass of the Archiv der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften; Noriko Toda to support a visit to Kazakhstan to do fieldwork on the impact of globalization on Kazakh music; Ken Ueno to attend the one-month computer and music course at IRCAM, and to study Gagaku music with Toshio Hosokawa at Acanthes; Richard Whalley to finish his Ph.D. dissertation, a four-movement composition for large chamber group titled “Introspections”; Du Yun to use the libraries of Xi’ An Conservatory and the City of XiAn, to record folk singers at street fairs there, and to attend the Naadem Festival in Inner Mongolia to record singing samples.

University composition prizes

Anthony Cheung ’04 received the John Green Fellowship for his work. This award was established by friends and family of the late John Green ’28 in support of excellence in musical composition. It is made annually and alternately to an undergraduate and a graduate student composer.

The George Arthur Knight Prize was awarded to José Luis Hurtado (“Of Green and Gray”).

Alexander Ness ’03 received the Hugh F. MacColl Prize for his composition “Untitled.”

Dominique Schafer received the Adelbert Sprague Prize for his work “Klangspielgelungen.”

Ken Ueno received the Francis Boott Prize for “Shiroi Ishi.”

Peter Gilbert received The Bohemians Prize for his compositon “Ricochet.”

Undergraduate awards

Recipients of the John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowship follow:

Kristin Naragon to attend the McGill Summer Organ Academy, the International Summer Music Academy in Leipzig, Germany, and the Smarano International Organ, Clavichord and Improvisation Academy near Milan, Italy;

Sean Henry to travel to Stockholm, Sweden, to study with Maestro Alan Gilbert of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra;

Meredith Schweig to support a postgraduate project on the sound, origin, and development of the “quintessential Taiwanese” music voice, 1950-present;

Kathleen Stetson to study French at the Alliance Francaise in Paris while studying French vocal literature and voice.