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Volunteers branch out, blossom

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Toby the
Toby the dog (above) casts a suspicious eye on a landscaping project.

This past Saturday (March 29) was a perfect day for Project Outreach’s “give back” to the cities of Boston and Cambridge. Organized by HBS Volunteers, a Business School group, the project reached out to eight different sites in the area where students painted, planted, washed, raked, and mulched through the warm, sprinkly, sunshiney New England day.

At the Wellmet Project on Leonard Street in Cambridge, volunteers stood elbow to elbow, applying fresh mortar between bricks as music blared from a speaker in the window. Amid a hum of cheerful chatter, others were painting the picket fence out front, while still others were in the back edging the soil that would soon be sprouting grass and daffodils.

Susan Lee ’04 explained her presence simply but eloquently: “It’s a chance to be productive, to do something good, directly, where you can see the results clearly, unlike my academic work.”

Neighbor offers a
A neighbor delivers a cake to volunteers at the Wellmet Project in Cambridge.
Harvard Business School student Chakilla Robinson ’04 wields a nifty brush.
Harvard Business School students Susan Lee ’04 (left), Lisa Ashkar ’04, and Jaime Irick ’03 paint a picket fence at the Wellmet Project.