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Main entrance, first floor of Widener Library reopens April 14:

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Circulation relocates overnight, service uninterrupted

On Monday (April 14), the main entrance and first floor of Widener Library will reopen – renovated and refurbished.

All office spaces have been reconfigured to some degree. Circulation and the Stacks entrance, Collection Development, the Office of the Librarian of Harvard College, and Library Privileges will all reopen in the same spaces. Billing and the conference room have relocated to spaces off the east corridor . The doors at the far end of the outer lobby will be opened and dedicated to traffic to Library Privileges. All Harvard ID holders will be directed through the center doors. A double turnstile has been installed in the lobby along with a new security desk.

Upcoming work:

  • Weekend of April 11: The main exterior stairs will be pressure washed and the construction fence removed in preparation for the main entrance reopening. The construction walls on the first floor at the main elevator and across the main stairs leading to the Memorial Room Level will be removed.
  • Beginning 5 p.m. April 11: the Office of the Librarian, Billing, Collection Development, Library Privileges, and Circulation offices in the Stacks Reading Room will be moved from their temporary locations into their permanent spaces.
    (In order to provide seamless service to library users, circulation services will move from the east swing space at the close of business on April 12, and will reopen to patrons in the permanent first floor location at noon on April 13.)
  • April 14-25: The front half of the west swing space where billing was temporarily located will be reconfigured to accommodate all of Serial Services (formerly Serial Records).
  • Beginning April 28, continuing through July: Crews will begin working in the spine section of the first floor to construct the Newspaper Microfilm Reading Room and additional restrooms. Includes demolition and rebuilding newly configured spaces; installing new sprinkler, fire alarm, electrical, lighting, and telephone/data systems; plumbing; laying flooring; painting; and installing compact shelving for microfilm storage.
    In addition, crews will begin to prepare the Widener Memorial Room, Rotunda, and Stacks Reading Room to serve as the temporary space for the Loker Reading Room and Research Services while the second floor is under construction.
  • April 28: The lockers in the Rotunda will be moved to their permanent space on the ground floor.
  • Ongoing until June: Construction walls have been erected on the third floor and abatement continues above the ceiling of the Loker Reading Room.