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Faculty council notice for April 2

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At its 13th meeting of the year the Faculty Council discussed with Professor Jennifer Leaning (Medical School and School of Public Health), and other members of the Committee to Address Sexual Assault at Harvard, a preliminary draft of the recommendations the committee expects to make.

The recent decision by the Office of Civil Rights supporting the procedures for handling peer disputes by the undergraduate Administrative Board, as adopted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences last spring, was reported to the Council by Dean Harry Lewis (DEAS and Harvard College) and Acting General Counsel Robert Iuliano.

The Council also met with Professor Richard Thomas (Classics) to discuss an item he had placed on the agenda for the April 8 Faculty Meeting: “Professor R. Thomas will introduce a discussion, for the purpose of finding ways to safeguard freedom of speech and other fundamental rights.”

The Faculty next meets on April 8, and the Faculty Council on April 16.