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Bridge Program seeks volunteers:

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Education program is for University’s service workers

The Harvard University Bridge to Learning and Literacy Program – an education program for the University’s service workers – is seeking volunteers who can commit two hours per week to tutor adult learners.

Established four years ago as a pilot program for a small group of workers at the Harvard Faculty Club, the Bridge Program now offers education and career development to nearly 500 workers from across the University. Courses are offered in English as a second language (ESL), literacy development, academic reading and writing, General Educational Development (GED) preparation, and computer skills.

As demand for courses continues to grow, the program strives to provide services to as many workers as possible. Increasingly, the program depends in part on support from volunteers – staff and students from across the University who offer two or more hours a week as tutors and teaching assistants.

Many volunteers work with enrolled students, providing individualized attention and tutoring in support of class work, while others work with students who are on a waiting list for courses, enabling the program to extend services to many who would otherwise be without assistance. Other volunteers act as teaching assistants, providing support to teachers and students from within the classroom.

All volunteers work closely with the Bridge’s volunteer tutor coordinator, who matches students’ levels and availability with a volunteer’s interests and needs. The volunteer tutor coordinator also provides ongoing material and advisory support. No experience is necessary to volunteer.

Contact David Hayes, volunteer coordinator, at (617) 384-9444, or