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Yo! Yo!

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Harvard Chinese Yo-yo Club member Jennifer Chia-Jen Hsieh ’03 (right) is entranced as Justin Kai-Jen Ho ’04, a fellow member, demonstrates a trick.

The Chinese Yo-yo Club is no humdrum affair. Their spinning, vibrating, flying toy sings a tune to its own colorful movement. The barbell-shaped, hollow “instrument” is manipulated on a string tied to two sticks, each one held by a player. By spinning the yo-yo fast enough a humming sound is created. Unlike the yo-yos most Westerners are familiar with, the Chinese yo-yo is not attached to the string, which allows it to be tossed, resulting in a dazzle of yo-yo trickery. In its second year, the Chinese Yo-yo Club is always on the lookout for new members – and new yo-yo routines.

Jennifer Chia-Jen Hsieh ’03 performs a trick of her own.
Heidi Hsieh ’05, a member of the club, helps 6-year-old Kira Perkel of Newton with her technique.