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Rotberg to deliver Rhodes Lecture

Robert I. Rotberg, director of the Kennedy School’s Program on Intrastate Conflict, Conflict Prevention, and Conflict Resolution, will deliver the first of this year’s Rhodes Centenary Lectures at Rhodes House, the University of Oxford, on March 7. His topic will be “The Empathic Leadership of Cecil J. Rhodes.” Rotberg is the author of “The Founder: Cecil Rhodes and the Pursuit of Power,” a new edition of which was published late last year.

Journal of Finance honors HBS Faculty

The Journal of Finance has honored Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School (HBS) Malcolm P. Baker with the 2002 Brattle Prize for the best paper in corporate finance for “Market Timing and Capital Structure.” The paper was co-written with Jeffrey Wurgler, assistant professor of finance at Yale.

The journal also awarded the 2002 Smith Breeden Prize for best paper (excluding corporate finance) to Associate Professor of Business Administration Mark Mitchell and Erik Stafford, assistant professor of business administration at HBS – for “Limited Arbitrage in Equity Markets.” Todd Pulvino, assistant professor of finance at Northwestern University, co-wrote the winning paper.

– Compiled by Andrew Brooks