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Faculty Council notice for March 19

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At its 12th meeting of the year, Dean William C. Kirby discussed with the Faculty Council the preparations that have been made, or are under consideration, in the Faculty in response to the situation in the Middle East. The assistant dean of the Faculty for Physical Resources, Michael Lichten, and the special assistant to the dean of Undergraduate Education, Elizabeth Doherty, were present for this conversation.

Following the presentation made at the previous council meeting by Professor Jennifer Leaning (Medicine and Public Health) on the work of the Committee to Address Sexual Assault at Harvard, the council considered some of the salient issues that had arisen during that discussion.

The council also continued its discussion of undergraduate curricular matters in preparation for the next Faculty Meeting, particularly in light of the statements concerning Early Course Selection made at the March Faculty Meeting. Deans Peter Ellison (anthropology and GSAS) and Benedict Gross (mathematics and Undergraduate Education) were present for this discussion.

Finally, the dean reviewed for the council the process by which the reorganization of the offices of Undergraduate Education and of Harvard College, as recently announced, will be undertaken.

The preliminary docket deadline for the April 8 Faculty Meeting is 9:30 a.m. on March 24. The Faculty Council next meets on April 2.