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Faculty Council notice for Feb. 19

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At its 10th meeting of the year, the Faculty Council considered a proposal from the student members of the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) to move the deadline for “dropping” courses from the fifth to the seventh week of term. Rohit Chopra ’04, Oluseyi Fayanju ’04, Omolola Kassim ’04, and Alexander Patterson ’03, all members of CUE, were present for this discussion.

In addition, Professor Kay Shelemay (music), chair of the ad hoc Committee on Ethnic Studies, reviewed with the council a recommendation from the committee that it be established as a Standing Committee, with the responsibilities of an “inter-disciplinary coordinating committee.” Further, Dean Harry Lewis (DEAS and Harvard College), solicited the council’s views on a proposal to raise the “Minimum Requirements” for first term freshmen to those set for all other undergraduates.

The preliminary docket deadline for the March 11 Faculty Meeting is 9:30 a.m. Monday (Feb. 24). The council next meets on March 5.