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This month in Harvard history

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Dec. 3, 1948 – The 110-member Harvard University Band makes its second appearance at Symphony Hall, Boston. The program features well-known marches and traditional band music, along with works by Leroy Anderson ’29, AM ’30. Midconcert finds the recently formed Krokodiloes taking center stage for a modern-jazz musical sketch sung with the help of Radcliffe singers.

Dec. 1952 – At the School of Public Health, Baron Silvercruys, Belgian Ambassador to the U.S., announces a gift of one million francs ($25,000) from the Belgian government to the School to help endow a professorship honoring Richard Pearson Strong, the late Professor of Tropical Medicine, who had combated sleeping sickness, yellow fever, and malaria in the Belgian Congo.

– From the Harvard Historical Calendar, a database compiled by Marvin Hightower