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Irish ambassador visits Celtic Dept.

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Ambassador Noel Fahey enjoying a cup of
The Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures and the Friends of Harvard Celtic Studies hosted a reception to welcome Noel Fahey, the newly appointed Irish ambassador to the United States. (Staff photo by Rose Lincoln)

Noel Fahey, Ireland’s ambassador to the United States, visited Harvard Nov. 20 as a guest of the Celtic Department. Fahey, who served formerly as ambassador to Germany, presented his credentials to President Bush in Sept. of this year.

A graduate of University College, Dublin and the Institute of Public Administration, Fahey began his diplomatic career in 1974, becoming head of the European Union Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1991. In this capacity, he was involved in a series of major negotiations on the strengthening of the EU, including the Maastricht and Amsterdam treaties.

At a reception at the Faculty Club, Fahey spoke briefly about the significance of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Breton, and other Celtic languages on the world scene.

“These languages play a unique and important role,” he said. “Despite the increasing integration and homogeneity of Europe, they continue to thrive and contribute to diversity.”