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Faculty Council notice

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At its fifth meeting of the year the Faculty Council heard a report from Professor Cynthia Friend (chemistry and chemical biology), associate dean of the faculty, on the plans of the committee which she chairs to review the appointments processes in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Deans Vincent Tompkins and Rebecca Wasserman (Academic Affairs) were present for this discussion.

The council also received updates on planning for the structure of the Curricular Review from Professor Benedict Gross (mathematics), dean of Undergraduate Education, and on the implementation of the PeopleSoft personnel system from Dean Geoffrey Peters (Administrative Resources).

In addition, the council considered a request from the Undergraduate Council that the two student members of the Standing Committee on the Core Program be permitted to attend faculty meetings during the course of the Curricular Review, and a proposal from the Standing Committee on Non-Departmental Instruction that its name be changed to the Standing Committee on Freshmen Seminars.

The next faculty meeting will be held on Tuesday, (Nov. 12). The council next meets on Nov. 20.