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Faculty Council notice

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At its fourth meeting of the year the Faculty Council heard updates on the Freshman Seminar Program (from program director Elizabeth Doherty), and on the implementation of the 2001-02 legislation on grading practices (from deans J. Wolcowitz and J. O’Keefe [Undergraduate Education]). The council also considered minor textual changes in the faculty’s “Procedures for the Resolution of Sexual Harassment and other Unprofessional Conduct Problems,” and in the faculty’s legislation on the discipline of officers. Deans G. McCavana (Students Affairs, GSAS, and chair of the Sexual Harassment Coordinating Committee) and Trevor Dickie (Academic Affairs) made the first presentation, the secretary of the faculty the second. Dean Harry Lewis (Harvard College and D.E.A.S.) led a discussion of the status of the “Rank List” and honorary scholarships in the wake of last spring’s legislation on grading and honors. The preliminary docket deadline for the Nov. 12 faculty meeting is at 9:30 a.m. on Monday (Oct. 28).