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Changes in parking policies implemented

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To ensure that the rights of permit holders who park at the University are protected, a number of changes will occur throughout University parking facilities including new access controls and increased enforcement as well as improved safety and security features.

One key change is that customers having a citation balance greater than $100 no longer have their permits renewed. Harvard affiliates owing more than $100 are now required to bring their outstanding violation balance to $0 before a parking permit may be renewed. This increased enforcement will help to ensure parking spaces are available to valid permit holders.

In order to give everyone the chance for a clean slate for the new year, which began Sept. 1, Parking Services offered a limited Citation Amnesty Program. There were a total of 3,769 citations eligible for this program.

Highlights of this one-time program

  • Citation Amnesty allowed Harvard University affiliates a chance to void outstanding citations with a donation to Bread and Jams, a local food bank.
  • Citations issued between July 1, 1999, and Aug. 31, 2001, were eligible for amnesty.
  • One eligible citation was voided per $1 donation.

Any citations eligible for the amnesty program that were not paid will remain and the standard violation fees reinstated.

Harvard University Parking announced that a total of $3,330 was collected. Parking Services will be directing all payments received through this program to Bread and Jams.

Many affiliates made an additional contribution to Bread and Jams, along with their amnesty payment. Bread and Jams ( is an organization designed to assist the homeless in their search for both housing and employment. The organization provides sleeping and bathing facilities, meals, lockers, and voice mail for participants.