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Homing in on the end of the semester

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Alyssa Smith (left), Rachel Stein, and Ellen Lee.
Taking a break during a day of exams and packing are next-year-suitemates, sophomores Alyssa Smith (left), Rachel Stein, and Ellen Lee.
Claire Summers ’03 (left), gracefully poised with her dolly, and Monique James ’03, easily hefting a packing box, both appear to be looking forward to the summer.
Above, Reggie Lee ’03 (right) uses his head as he helps buddy Jeffrey Muns ’03 move a futon into Quincy House for summer storage.<br /> At left, graduating senior Katie Heller and friend Susan McGregor ’05 bid a sad goodbye in the Yard.</p>

On a day of exams, packing, moving, and other onerous tasks, Ryan Turner ’03 finds a pleasant respite as he beats his rug with vigor and accuracy. Exactly which professor he had in mind is unknown.