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Radcliffe announces financial support for ‘new ideas’

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The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study has announced that financial support for short-term intellectual collaborations will be made available for exploratory and advanced seminars. These seminars are intended to offer resources for Harvard faculty and their colleagues at other universities in developing new ideas. The Radcliffe Institute will provide a meeting space, travel and hotel expenses, and administrative support for the seminars.

Exploratory seminars will bring together approximately five to 15 scholars for two to four days to explore or initiate research plans. Typically, these seminars will be composed of one to three members of the Harvard faculty, with the balance of faculty coming from other universities. There are restrictions as to subject matter or disciplinary concentration.

Advanced seminars will allow colleagues in groups of six to eight, who are prepared to develop original research papers with a shared focus or topic, to convene at the Radcliffe Institute for three to five days to present their papers for discussion and analysis. Advanced seminars should result in dissemination of research, preferably through scholarly journals or edited volumes. Participants in selected advanced seminars may be asked to present their work at a public symposium.

Applications that involve more than one member of the Harvard faculty and that provide opportunities for junior and senior scholar participation will receive special consideration. Proposals are due twice yearly, May 15 or Nov. 15.

For more information, contact Phyllis Strimling, programs director, at, or by visiting the Radcliffe Institute Web site at