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HAF Volunteer fair draws hundreds

Pia Setti, who works in the admissions office, signs up volunteers for Gaining Ground, a program that grows and distributes fresh organic produce to meal programs and shelters in the Boston area.(Staff photo by Kris Snibbe)

Periodically, the Harvard Administrator’s Forum has sponsored fairs for the Harvard community, showcasing various departments and services. This year, as we all know, was different, and as a result, the forum decided the focus of its event should be “giving back to the community.” Thus, the volunteer fair of Wednesday, March 27.

The idea of the fair was to educate people about how to get involved in helping their communities through volunteer work. More than 30 organizations with divergent interests and volunteer opportunities took part. Areas of interest included health, learning, food, poverty, women, children, and nature.

The results were gratifying. More than 300 Harvard staff attended the event. At the end of the day, five large recycling bins were overflowing with donations. Student volunteers at Phillips Brooks House will distribute the donations throughout the community.

The number and types of volunteer opportunities seemed endless. No matter what a person’s interest, a volunteer activity could be found.

For those who missed the fair, there is another opportunity coming up to learn about ways to give back to the community. The week of April 22 is National Volunteer Week, and the United Way is sponsoring a special Harvard Community Day on April 23. Employees who participate in the event will need to take either a personal or vacation day.

Those interested in participating in the event, please call (617) 496-7175 or (617) 495-8668 for more information.

Gazette staff

Undeterred by the jaws of a shark, Wing-Sy Wong, a student at the Law School, signs up for volunteer information at the booth for the Harvard Museum of Natural History. (Staff photo by Kris Snibbe)