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Events for the inaugural weekend

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Oct. 12-14, 2001

The following is a partial list of events at Harvard over the inaugural weekend. See Calendar for times, locations, prices, etc.


Sun., Oct. 14 – “Music of Peace, Reflection, and Hope”


Leverett Old Library
Through Sat., Oct. 20 – “Macbeth,” presented by Industrial Theatre


Harvard Film Archive

Fri., Oct. 12 – Parsa’s “Before the Storm” (Sweden, 2000) at 7 p.m.; Dassin’s “Rififi” (France, 1955) at 9 p.m.
Sat., Oct. 13 – Cocteau’s “Beauty and the Beast” (France, 1946) at 7 p.m.; Demme’s “The Perfect Kiss” (USA, 1985) and Wenders’ “Wings of Desire” (France/West Germany, 1987) at 8:45 p.m.
Sun., Oct. 14 – “The Perfect Kiss” and “Wings of Desire” at 8 p.m.


Arnold Arboretum
“Science in the Pleasure Ground”

Carpenter Center
“Beyond Decorum: The Photography of Iké Udé”
“Some Options in Abstraction”

Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments
“Instruments of Science”

Countway Library
“The Fifteeners: Incunabula at the Countway Library of Medicine”
“The Warren Anatomical Museum”

Graduate School of Design
“Construction and Reconstruction of the Central Artery: Boston, 1950-2000”

Gutman Library
“In My World: Artwork by Maria Termini”

The Harvard Club of Boston
“The Harvard Gates”

Harvard Divinity School
“Akedah: A Suite of Etchings by Bernard Greenwald”
“Paintings by Anita Dana”

Harvard Museum of Natural History
“Dodos, Trilobites, and Meteorites”

  • Botanical Galleries
    “Modeling Nature”
    “Ware Collection of Glass Flowers”
  • Mineralogical and Geological Galleries
    “The Geology and Mineralogy of Limestone Caves”
    “Romancing the Stone: The Many Facets of Tourmaline”
  • Zoological Galleries

Harvard Neighbors

Hilles Library

Houghton Library
“Byron’s Place in 19th Century American Culture”

Lamont Library
“Collections and Collection Building in Lamont Library”

Mather House
“The Fun House Mirror: Artists Reinvent the Human Body”

Office for the Arts

Public Artwork

Peabody Museum
“The Art of Oceania”
“Encounters with the Americas”
“The Hall of the North American Indian”
“Ju/wasi: Bushmen of the Kalahari”
“Photographs by Hillel Burger”
“Photographs of Maya Ruins at Uxmal and Palenque”

Pusey Library
“From Colonel to Commander in Chief: Theodore Roosevelt, 1898-1901”
“Theatrical Photography of Alix Jeffry”

Rockefeller Center
“Hide and Seek”

Schlesinger Library
“Women and War: Photographs from the Schlesinger Library Collections”

Semitic Museum
“Ancient Cyprus: The Cesnola Collection at the Semitic Museum”
“Nuzi and the Hurrians: Fragments from a Forgotten Past”
“The Pyramids and the Sphinx: 100 Years of American Archaeology at Giza”

Tozzer Library
“The Raven and the Loon: Inuit Prints and Sculptures from the Chauncey C. Nash Collection”

University Art Museums

  • Busch-Reisinger Museum
    “Eat Art: Joseph Beuys, Dieter Roth, Sonja Alhäuser”
  • Fogg Museum
    “Circa 1874: The Emergence of Impressionism”
    “France and the Portrait, 1799-1870”
    “Geometric Abstraction: Latin American Art from the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection”
    “Gian Lorenzo Bernini: Sketches in Clay”
    “Investigating the Renaissance”
    “Marking Places: Spatial Effects of African Art”
    “Precision and Prestige: The Arts of Engraving”
    “Sublimations: Art and Sensuality in the 19th Century”
    “‘You Look Beautiful Like That’: The Portrait Photographs of Seydou Keïta and Malick Sidibé”
  • Sackler Museum
    “Impressions of Mesopotamia: Seals from the Ancient Near East”
    “The Sensuous and the Sublime: Representations of Love in the Arts of the Middle East and Southern Asia”

Widener Library
“Instrument of Scholarship: The Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library Building”



Sat., Oct. 13 – “You Look Beautiful Like That: The Portrait Photographs of Seydou Keïta and Malick Sidibé”
Sun., Oct. 14 – “Precision and Prestige: The Arts of Engraving”


Fri., Oct. 12-Sat., Oct. 13 – Fourth Annual John B. Little Center for Radiation Sciences & Environmental Health Symposium: “Radiation Damage to DNA: Repair and Cellular Responses”
Sat., Oct. 13-Sun., Oct. 14 – “Overcoming the Obstacles: Extending AIDS Treatment to Poor Communities Worldwide”


Fri., Oct. 12 – “Molière: Novelist Manqué?”
Sat., Oct. 13 – “Workshop in 19th Century Ottoman Economic History”
Sun., Oct. 14 – “Intelligent Design: A New Holy War Against Science”


Fri., Oct. 12 – “Dudley House Open Mike Night.”


Fri., Oct. 12 – “Engineering Colloidal Interactions to Control Reversible Shear Thickening in Concentrated Dispersions”

social sciences

Fri., Oct. 12 – “CID/IDPIC Friday Graduate Student Lunch with Merilee Grindle”


Medical Area Ballroom Dancing
For information and updates, visit the Web site at, call (617) 670-9526, or e-mail

Museum of Natural History and the Peabody Museum

  • Ongoing Programs
    Creature Features and Discovery Zones
  • Saturday Scholars
    Grades 2 and 3
    Sat., Oct. 13 – “Diggin’ the Past.” 9-noon. Fee: $35; $31.50 for members.
  • Sneak Peek
    Sat., Oct. 13 – “Giant Clams and Killer Cones” 9:30 a.m.-noon.

Office of Work and Family (Longwood Area)
Fri., Oct. 12 – “Having an Effective Parent-Teacher Conference”


Sat., Oct. 13 – “Giant Costume Sale”
Sat., Oct. 13 – “Apple Picking for Everyone”


The Memorial Church
Harvard Yard (617) 495-5508

Fri., Oct. 12 – The Reverend Peter J. Gomes and Shôn Ffowcs Williams
Sat., Oct. 13 – The Honorable Wesley S. Williams Jr., chairman, Overseers’ Committee to Visit the Memorial Church
Oct. 14 – The Reverend Peter J. Gomes

Divinity School Chapel
(617) 495-5778
Cambridge Forum
(617) 495-2727
Christian Science Organization
(617) 876-7843
Fo Guang San ‘V International Buddhist Progress Society
(617) 547-6670
Metropolitan New Life Baptist Church
(617) 868-3261

United Ministry
The following churches and organizations are affiliated with the United Ministry and offer worship and social services. Call for details.

Anglican Church of the Incarnation
(617) 864-3232
Harvard Bahaíi Student Association
(617) 493-9147
Harvard Islamic Society
(617) 496-8084
Harvard Korean Mission
(617) 441-5211
H-R Asian Baptist Student Koinonia
(617) 493-3154
H-R Catholic Student Center
H-R Hillel
(617) 495-4696
H-R Humanist Chaplaincy
(617) 495-5529
Cambridge Friends Meeting
(617) 876-6883
First Church in Cambridge (United Church of Christ)
(617) 547-2724
University Lutheran Church
(617) 876-3256.
Cambridgeport Baptist Church
(617) 576-6779
Christ Church
(617) 876-0200
Episcopal Chaplaincy
(617) 495-4340
First Parish in Cambridge, Unitarian Universalist
(617) 495-2727
Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church
(617) 354-0837
Old Cambridge Baptist Church
(617) 864-8068
St. Paul Church
(617) 491-8400
Swedenborg Chapel
(617) 864-4552