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This month in Harvard history

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  • April 25, 1674 – The Harvard Corporation orders that “freshmen of the Colledg shall not at any time be compelled by any Senior students to goe on errands or doe any servile work for them. And if any shall præsume to send them in times injoyned for study both the sender and the goer shall be punished.” 
  • April 1775 – In his diary, Samuel Chandler, Class of 1775, reports bowling in Cambridge against classmates for cakes and ale. He loses “only one Bottle.” 
  • April 19, 1775 – Six Harvard students march off with the Minutemen. 
  • April 2, 1789 – From the “Journal of Disorders” of Eliphalet Pearson, the Hancock Professor of Hebrew and Other Oriental Languages: “On Tuesday morning of this week, the Front door of Harvard [Hall] was barred, the inner kitchen door tied to the buttery door, the chapel and hall doors braced too by a bench, the bell rope cut off, and the scuttel door fastened down by a board laid over it across the balcony.”On the morning of the second of this month another dog was found in Mrs. Marsh’s well.”

    – From the Harvard Historical Calendar, a database compiled by Marvin Hightower