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New grading system is announced

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But this one’s not for students … it’s for employees

While University administrators met with leaders of Harvard’s largest union, HUCTW, to work out terms of a new contract due to go to union members for a ratification vote on May 1, another set of negotiations produced revisions to the job classification grid for HUCTW members. The new contract, if ratified, will not go into effect until July 1. However, the new job grading system and a number of new job titles go into effect on April 16. It will replace the existing job grades 2 through 10 with grades 47U through 55U so that HUCTW jobs will become part of one continuous classification system ranging from 47 to 64. Job grades for current employees will be mapped to the new numbering system as indicated in the chart above.

The new job classification grid also includes new positions in old grades 9 and 10 (now 54U and 55U respectively) to provide for expanded career opportunities and recognition of increased job responsibilities. Current HUCTW employees who believe that their job duties have changed and have increased in scope and responsibility consistent with the new generic job descriptions may request, through their supervisor, that the local human resources office conduct a review of the position.

The changes in the HUCTW job grades are part of a University-wide process to review Harvard’s job classification system, including job grades 54, 55, and 56. In the past several years there have been many changes to the way work is performed, many driven by the adoption of new technologies. Through this systematic review, the University seeks to ensure that positions are consistently and appropriately classified and that jobs are treated in keeping with the relevant wage and hour regulations, including eligibility for overtime.

Starting next week, the new numbering system will be used to characterize jobs listed in Inside Harvard and on the HIRES job application system. Watch for more information about the new job classification grid for HUCTW in the Harvard Community Resource. Those with immediate questions should contact their local human resource office, union representative or the University’s Office of Employee and Labor Relations.