Billy and Adam Gahara
Granite State resident Billy Gahara has an attentive audience in son Adam.
Madeleine Reed and Sara Kelley
Madeleine Reed, 8, and her grandmother, Sara Kelley, take a close look at some of the dazzling minerals on display.
Charlotte Marshall
As her mother looks on, 2-year-old Charlotte Marshall peeks at a spider in amber.
Jeff Monchamp
At the “creature feature” demonstration, educator Jeff Monchamp and friend demonstrate that minerals do not have a corner on the color market.

Staff photos by Rose Lincoln
Eyes sparkling and imaginations aflame, area children – and their elders – glowed in a wealth of glitter and color at the Mineral Madness Family Festival at the Museum of Natural History last Saturday. “Weird” minerals, a scavenger hunt, mineral identification, and a (relatively inexpensive) Big Dig were some of the bright facets of the lively day.