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Stars come out for KSG auction

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Lunch with Sen. John McCain; have a shot at stardom with a nonspeaking, walk-on role in the hit TV show “Dharma & Greg”; tour the set of “ER” or “The West Wing”; get into the action as a ballboy or ballgirl at a Celtics game; shadow CNN correspondent William Schneider for a day.

All these items are up for bid at this year’s Student Internship Fund Auction at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government on Thursday, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m. in the ARCO Forum of Public Affairs.

The Fund provides stipends of up to $3,500 to students who spend the summer between the first and second years of their master’s degree program working for nonprofit or public organizations that benefit from the students’ skills but lack the funding for salaries.

The auction will have an interactive video link from the Kennedy School Washington, D.C., site to the auction in Cambridge, allowing bidders to view the auction on-screen and submit real-time bids to Cambridge.

Other auction items include tickets to the Boston Philharmonic and lunch with conductor Ben Zander; lunch with former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s board of governors Paul Volcker, or with former Treasury secretary Larry Summers; round-trip tickets to Amsterdam or anywhere in the United States; the screenplay of the movie “All the President’s Men” autographed by Dustin Hoffman or the screenplay of “The Graduate” autographed by director Mike Nichols; or a week in Paris, among other prizes.

The Summer Internship Fund is a student-run organization at the Kennedy School that enables students to work in public and nonprofit organizations.