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Eastern Massachusetts to initiate 10-digit dialing

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area code map of Massachusetts Four new area codes are being added in eastern Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy has mandated that they be added to existing calling areas. This change requires that all local calls in eastern Massachusetts must be dialed using 10 digits. This change does not apply to the University’s Centrex numbers.

Until April 2, all local calls can be dialed with the seven-digit number or with 10-digit dialing (area code plus seven-digit phone number). It is a good idea to begin the practice of 10-digit dialing now. Existing telephone numbers are not changing. You can still dial the five-digit number for internal Harvard calls.

Local calling areas and charges are not changing. A local call is still a local call. A toll call is still a toll call. If you dial 1 and the 10-digit number for a local call, the call will still go through as a local call.

Long distance dialing remains the same: 1+10-digits, or 011 + the international number. When giving or getting a telephone number, be sure to include an area code.

Reaching emergency service providers (911) will not change.

Check any telephone equipment or service that dials or stores telephone numbers and reprogram it to dial 10 digits for local calls. This includes fax machines, Internet access numbers, modems, alarms, door access systems, wireless phones, and auto-dial lines on your desk or home phone. Alarm company dialers and emergency wireless devices are important to check.

You may start to dial 10 digits (area code + seven-digit telephone number) when you make any local call in area codes 617, 781, 978, and 508 immediately.

New area codes will be issued in May. The new area codes: 857 will be added to 617; 339 to 781; 351 to 978; and 774 to 508.

Harvard’s area code remains 617.