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University Information Systems launches home page

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On Friday, Dec. 1, University Information Systems releases its new home page: . The new site is the culmination of a yearlong project to create easy access for Harvard community members to find information on specific technology projects, to purchase technology products and services online, and to obtain information on telephones, printing and publishing, University software licenses, and the Harvard Data Network.

A new feature called “IT at Harvard” provides a cross-University glimpse of organizations and initiatives, and tells how to find out more about technology in the Schools and the center. This feature addresses the opinion expressed by many respondents to a UIS survey that more information about technology at Harvard would be a welcome addition. Content owners from the UIS businesses will be keeping the site up to date and will welcome recommendations from UIS customers and other interested observers.

Future plans for the site during 2001 include expanded e-commerce applications, additional links to Central Administration (CAIT), and other University technology initiatives, including those sponsored by the Assistant Provost for Information Technology Dan Moriarty and Provost Harvey Fineberg.