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Phillips Brooks House fetes new community lab in Chinatown

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The Chinatown Computing program of the Chinatown Committee of the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) will celebrate the opening of its new community computer lab on Nov. 29.

The creation of the lab, located at 65 Harrison Ave., Boston, was encouraged by the Stride Rite Foundation, which provides public service scholarships to outstanding volunteers working with PBHA programs. (The lab is currently headed by four Stride Rite Public Service scholarship recipients: Priscilla Chan ’01, Kristen Day ’01, Edward Kim ’02, and Stephen Kim ’03.)

Chinatown Computing is presently developing two computer literacy programs for teenagers and adults for initiation in spring 2001. Both programs will incorporate technical skills and job search components. Applications will be available in early January for both programs.

Chinatown Committee is the largest committee in PBHA, with eight subprograms, more than 400 clients, and almost 200 volunteers and staff.