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Gazette’s new look

1 min read

The Harvard University Gazette is making changes. In addition to the new nameplate, we’ve added an expanded promo box that points you to stories of special interest inside.

In the months ahead, there will be other improvements. We will create a more accessible Calendar. We’ll enhance stories with illustrations and graphics. And we will continue to expand our coverage of the Harvard University community and its faculty, and explore new approaches to our profiles, including point-counter-point stories featuring a wide array of Harvard luminaries. We’re also going to continue to increase our sports coverage.

We’ve begun to establish a stronger Web presence for the Gazette and will continually work to strengthen it. In addition to finding the latest Gazette stories (and more photographs) on our Web site, you’ll soon be able to hyperlink to stories that provide background information and/or related stories.

-Terry L. Murphy
Gazette managing editor