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Provost grants to promote interchange

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Provost Harvey V. Fineberg has announced a new round of grants under the Provost’s Fund for Student Collaboration. These grants are designed to promote intellectual interchange across faculties of the University. The deadline for grant applications is Oct. 6.

“The idea for this program originated with the students themselves,” said Fineberg. “I am pleased that it garnered the support of deans of students throughout the University and hope it will expand opportunities for intellectual exchange across the several schools.”

Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $3,000. These grants will support extracurricular academic collaborations among various student groups enrolled in different schools of the University. Each group will have at least 10 students gathered from three different schools to meet the eligibility requirements. The Fund aims to cover meeting costs, travel costs for outside speakers or experts visiting the group, or costs related to a conference.

Information regarding the Fund can be found on the Provost’s Web Page, Applications must be received by Oct. 6 for the grants, which will cover the academic year 2000-01. More detailed information, including how to submit an application, is available electronically on the Provost’s Fund Web page,, or by contacting the Office of the Assistant Provosts (617) 496-5775. Questions may be sent via email to