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Location of Oxford Street barricades changed

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With the completion of the city’s pipeline investigations, DPW has concluded that the portion of Oxford Street north of the Dworkin Driveway is in the poorest condition and must be protected. As a result, the city has changed the location of its street barricades to block all traffic from the section of roadway from the Dworkin Driveway to Everett Street.

On Tuesday, Sept. 19, the barricades located near the Hoffman Link and the Dworkin Driveway were removed. These same structures were relocated on Oxford Street to new locations north of the Dworkin Driveway and the Everett Intersection.

To reach the DEAS, Austin and Littauer parking areas you must now come from Kirkland Street, NOT Everett Street.

City engineers are still working on repair plans for the deteriorated pipeline and it is expected that the repair work will begin within 30 to 45 days. At some point the work will affect access to the 38 Oxford lot since repairs must be done in the Everett / Oxford intersection. In the mean time access to the 38 Oxford area from Everett Street should be unaffected.