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Increase in criminal vehicle incidents in Allston area

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Criminal incidents involving motor vehicles in the area in and around the Business School campus and athletic facilities have increased in the last few months, according to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD).

The incidents include thefts of motor vehicles and license plates, and breaking into motor vehicles. The on-campus incidents have occurred in the Business School Lot, Newell Boathouse, and the parking area of the Athletic Buildings.

The Boston Police have been notified to respond and have received many reports of similar incidents on North Harvard St. and Western Ave. in Allston.

The HUPD urges anyone using these lots to take extra care when parking. Car alarms and steering wheel clubs should be used when possible. Do not leave any belongings in plain view within the vehicle, and secure the glove compartment.

Anyone with information regarding any of these described incidents, please contact the HUPD Criminal Investigation Unit at (617) 495-1796.