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Oxford Street will be closed for at least four weeks

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The city of Cambridge is nearing completion of its evaluation of pipe conditions under Oxford Street and may have a plan of action by Labor Day. The preliminary recommendations include pipe lining of portions north and south of Everett Street and some spot repairs where lining is not feasible. Oxford Street will continue to be closed for at least the next four weeks. Traffic restrictions remain in effect.

The city has posted the barricades with Do Not Enter signs. These signs are significant in that they empower the police to issue tickets for roadway violations. The Department of Public Works has asked the University to assist in maintaining the barricades with which some motorists are tampering.

The University explained that the city has been very cooperative in allowing access to its facilities and noted that the city could rethink its lenience toward the University’s use of the street if motorists don’t comply.

It is important that Harvard University vehicles and motorists avoid the closed portion of Oxford Street between the Dworkin driveway and the McKay Laboratory parking area. All drivers, vendors, and other motorists should stay out and not tamper with the barricades.

Any incidents of barricade damage or tampering should be reported to Coordinator for Utilities, Inspection and Compliance Brian Culver at 496-1433. Also, please reset barricades if you find them out of place. If you have any need to enter the closed area, please contact Culver for instructions.