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Oliver Oldman receives National Tax Association Medal

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The Law School’s Oliver Oldman has received the National Tax Association (NTA) Daniel M. Holland Medal.

Founded in 1907, NTA is the leading association of tax professionals dedicated to advancing understanding of the theory and practice of public finance. The National Tax Association is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical, educational association that fosters study and discussion of complex and controversial issues in tax theory, practice and policy, and other aspects of public finance.

Oliver Oldman is Learned Hand Professor of Law Emeritus at the Law School and for 25 years (until June 1989) was director of the School’s International Tax Program (ITP). He has been a member of the HLS faculty since 1955, when he began directing the Tax Program’s training activities. He was appointed professor of law in 1961 and became director of the International Tax Program in 1964. In 1989, he became senior fellow and advisor of ITP. In 1976, he was appointed Learned Hand Professor of Law. For 10 years (until July 1990), he was also director of the School’s program in East Asian Legal Studies, where he currently serves as senior fellow and adviser. He continues to teach part-time.

His teaching interests have for many years centered on state and local taxes and finance in the United States, and on comparative and international tax law with special emphasis on taxes in the developing countries of the world. His current specialties are value- added tax and property tax worldwide.