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High demands, lack of control on the job damage health

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As stress continues, effect on health becomes worse

A new study has advanced previous research by linking job stress to broad, quality-of-life health issues such as carrying out daily household chores and general mental health. Previous studies have linked job strain to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, depression, and adverse birth outcomes. This study showed that job stress has broader health effects that worsen as the strain continues. Women in jobs with high work demands, low levels of job control and little workplace social support are more likely to suffer poor health — and see their health decline — than are women in more flexible jobs with reasonable demands and social support. “Some jobs are inherently stressful,” said Ichiro Kawachi, associate professor of health and social behavior and director of the Harvard Center for Society and Health. “What we found is that regardless of how healthy or resilient a person is, the job stress can affect her health.”